Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For the past 7 years I've been running around New York City chasing my life and trying to find balance. While dance has always been my primary focus it has been overshadowed time and again by other matters of interest and necessity. Some of these include unfortunate survival jobs (measuring in at various degrees of hideousness), mis-directed choices, and a hefty dedication to my love of the party (also measuring in at various degrees of hideousness). I've been through 3 men, 5 cats, 2 dogs, a turtle and numerous aquaint-i-friends...about 25% of these companions (human and beast) remain in my life. The jobs, the late nights, the animals will eternally live on in my memory of this fair city but the one thing that has never failed to keep pace on the path is my need to move, my need to dance.

So She Danced...is a project birthed out of necessity. My brain has simply become too full of plans, ideas, and curiosities- it needs space! So, on April 1st, I begin 365 days devoted to dance, dance from every side (performance, research, choreography, education...) to empty out some of the mental congestion and to iron out the path that has gone askew.


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  2. i joined ur blog.. i think its amazing that u are writinal about dace and the tings you go trougheveryday tat leastget to do what you love.. so inpiring :) i read the boo dance with demons too :D liked it

    quincio brown :)