Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 5

Have you ever noticed how we revert back to our insecure, praise hungry, 10 year old selves in ballet class? I mean seriously people! My heart still thuds heavily, perhaps even audibly, in my chest when it's time for adagio and I forget how to breathe... did I mention that I have been doing adagio nearly daily for some twenty odd years! My side extension will NEVER be high enough, my feet look a disaster, is the ground actually moving because my supporting leg will not stop shaking, and, dear lord, have I actually gained a pound after being on this vegetable only diet for over a week?!? Ughh, dancer neurosis. When a teacher gives me a compliment I'm practically flying for the rest of the day, if I get a correction I'm reasonably pleased, but if nothing is said, well I may as well quit dancing altogether!
Ok, ok, its not that bad and, frankly, I am not a ballerina for a reason. Truth be told, after working out the weather from my body, class was quite nice, even therapeutic. I've been in class consistently for the past month or so working up to the beginning of this project and, by god, it's actually effective (not really a surprise...). The ballet, the vegetables, and the theraband are all doing their own individual jobs.

Each month I plan to place a focus on a dance technique that I am not terribly familiar with. I'll read about it, take classes and, basically, use it to help break my habits and inform my work as both a dancer and as a choreographer- oh yes, I'll tell you all about as well. This month: Gaga (no connection to Lady Gaga for you non-dancers).

Gaga is the movement technique established by Ohad Naharin and used by the Batsheva Dance company of Israel, among others. Truthfully I have already dabbled in the technique but wanted to study a little bit more seriously. More about this later...I'm off to class. If anyone has any information about where I can take Gaga classes in NYC (other then Peridance) please let me know.

Stay warm and dry!


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