Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 64: Congratulations Curacao!

First order of business: Congratulations to all of the beautiful and talented dancers in Curacao! I received word that the film of the flash mob premiered yesterday and that it was a great success. For those of you unfamiliar with what I speak of, there is a group of dancers on the island of Curacao who worked together this winter to create something very special. A combination of classically trained dancers, b-boys and traditional dancers combined their experience and talent to produce a piece that moved the island both emotionally and physically…they took to the streets and brought their exultant movement to the people. I had the honor of working with these dancers and want to applaud their commitment to the project and the openness with which they shared their hearts and bodies. Thank you for the experience and I hope to see you all next winter!
Back in NYC, I spent the day cycling, dancing and planning for the future. It seems that my partners in crime and I have finally settled on a name for our dance company: The Umbrella Co. What do you think? Next performance is on 6/19 at the Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts in Long Branch, NJ. Come check it out! We’ll have a website up soon and more performances are on the horizon.
Despite my bursitis ridden hips, I am feeling alive and energetic. The sun baked concrete is sending heat through my feet and I can’t imagine sitting still during these brilliant summer days.  Take off your shoes and have a dance…isn’t that what we all live for?
Love and light,

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