Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 73: Kate Weare Company

Clicking through an online performance calendar on Wednesday morning, I came across the name of a company that was vaguely familiar, Kate Weare Company. Not sure of how I knew of them, I checked out their website and realized one of the company members, a petite, self-assured woman with fiery red hair named Leslie Kraus, and I used to work together. Though, only acquaintances, I had always been impressed by how solidly Ms. Kraus presented herself and by the warmth and openness that she exuded (I now know that she’s one hell of a dancer as well). This impression, along with a need for inspiration and an un-booked Thursday evening, prompted me to secure a ticket to the show.
The show, at the Joyce Theater, was part of the Gotham Dance Festival (a festival that gives upward moving companies the opportunity to share a billing and save some money, while presenting in a big name theater). It is hard for 4 dancers to fill a stage for over an hour and, honestly, I’m not sure that this was accomplished (though the striking set design, by Kurt Perschke, and solid lighting, by Brian Jones, definitely helped).  Ms. Weare presented two pieces, Lean-to and Garden, both were well sculpted musically and physically strong. The company, made up of two bold, male dancers and two forceful, yet feminine, female dancers, were entirely believable and convinced me that this is a company to take seriously.
I like Kate Weare. I think her work is fresh and exciting… but she needs more dancers.

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